Walk for the Animals 2018

Anicira Veterinary Center

Presented by Premier Auto Body

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, Anicira, a nonprofit organization serving the animals of our community, will host the 2018 Walk for the Animals at Bluestone Vineyard in Bridgewater. This event will again bring together hundreds of local animal lovers and their canine companions to benefit Anicira’s life-saving mission.
The Walk for the Animals will begin at 1 pm with a 1 mile course through the vineyard. Following the walk, food, doggie activities, lawn games, and Bluestone wine will be available for participants.

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Below is a picture of Alcott. He was one of 39 dogs at a rural puppy mill. There were shih tzus, yorkies, Scottish terriers, and more, being bred indiscriminately to each other and none getting adequate care. A litter of four month old puppies had never been touched by a human.

When we received Alcott, his entire body was covered in mats and dreadlocks as well as infested with fleas. It was hard to tell what was his head and what was his tail.

It took our vet assistants over an hour to shave Alcott under sedation, but we’re pretty sure he appreciated the transformation! Now known as Apricot and loved by a little girl, he found his amazing second chance through our adoption program.